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In Memory of Those Who Did Not Return And Whose Fate Remains Unknown

Above: Credit for this graphic goes to The National League of Families and the Congress of the United States of America.  As of 5 August 2010 -- 1,711 Americans remain missing in action from the Vietnam War. 

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The Battalion

The Mission

121 Chi Lang

Temp Hup!


The Imagery Interpretation Section

Imagery Interpretation Section

Tactical Imagery Interpretation Facility (TIIF)

The TIIF: A Closer Look

Evaluating Aerial Reconnaissance Imagery I

Evaluating Aerial Reconnaissance Imagery II

Lessons Learned In Rocket City

The Reproduction Section

The Reproduction Section

The ES-38A Mobile Darkroom

The ES-38A: A Closer Look

Facility Improvement 

Expanding the Repro Capability

Scenes From the Repro Shack

The Delivery Platoon

Delivery Platoon

Hauling Brass

"D" Detachment and the Baby Huey

 Islands In the Sky

The Men of "B" Detachment

Command and Administration Mission Leads/Delivery Platoon Non-Commissioned Officers Command Support

Troopers I

Troopers II

Constructed Roster

"B" Detachment 101

The Hand-Held Camera Program


First Mission

First Results

Flying With the FACs

The A Shau Valley

Wings Over DaNang

Instructions  From the Pilot

MIBARS On Patrol: 21st  RAC

Recollections From the Back Seat

The I Corps Compound

Camp Tri P. Nguyen "B" Detachment Operations Area Working With the ARVN The Tet Offensive 1968

The City

Welcome to Rocket City

The MIBARS Legacy

The Role of Military Intelligence 1965-1967

Mission Impact

ES-38 Mobile Photography Laboratory

Hand-held Camera Program

Visual Surveillance Programs

Intelligence Keys

The Life

In The Cantonment Area At Ease

Up At the Villa

We Lived In a Palace

The Country

Faces Through A Wall Out and About In Vietnam I Out and About In Vietnam II Recollections of the People and the Times

The Femme

Didi: Dog of War Body Count:  Didi In Action! Didi's Legacy

The Epilogue

What Happened to "B" Detachment?

The Witness

Witness I: Those Who Were There

Witness II: Those Who Were There

From the World Wide Web

The Memory

 A Visit To The Wall -- The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

31 May 2009 -- Memorial Day

Looking Back:

What The Archives of the United States Army Say About the 1st MIBARS

"I left Vietnam, but truth be told Vietnam hasn't left me."

Holley Watts, American Red Cross Volunteer, DaNang and Chu Lai, Republic of  South Vietnam, 1966-1967

From: WomenInVietnam.com, 2008

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