MIBARS In Vietnam!

On the ES-38

Mobile Photography Laboratory

An Excerpt From

VIETNAM STUDIES: The Role of Military Intelligence 1965-1967

Department of the Army, Washington, D.C., 1994

Photo Credit: MIV

Chao Ong!  Or, Hello, Sir!  Man on the streets of DaNang, 1967


WW I British Forerunner of the US Army's Vietnam-Era ES-38

Photo Credit: British Broadcasting Company (BBC) via Dailymail.co.uk

Above:  British aerial photographers in service during World War I in 1918 display their large-format aerial cameras and a van perhaps used for processing imagery in the field.

"We also experienced considerable frustration in the area of logistical support for the aerial surveillance and reconnaissance program.

 "The prime example concerns the ES-38 Mobile Photography Laboratory, a basic item of equipment that was essential to all photo interpretation units. There were no floats for the ES-38 in South Vietnam, and we were continually short of spare and replacement parts.

"Through the initiative of Colonel Kelley, the 1st Military Intelligence Battalion (Air Reconnaissance Support) became the theater-wide support facility for the ES-38's.  His men literally became the technical experts on the equipment and played a key role in maintaining the Military Assistance Command imagery interpretation capability."  

See the "Reproduction Section" for information on the ES 38 in the field.


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