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"B" Detachment's Dog of War!

We'll Always Have DaNang, Ma Cherie

Photo Credit: MIV

Above:  Here's Looking At You, Kid!  Didi atop her bunker on the I Corps Compound in 1967

Always On The Job!

Photo Credit: MIV

Above: Posing here with her unofficial "handler," "B" Detachment's administrative clerk, Didi shows her stuff!

"B" Detachment's guard dog, mascot or resident mooch -- depending upon how one looked at her -- was the comely Didi, whose name in Vietnamese actually meant "Go Away."  Didi was a daily presence in "B" Detachment's area of the I Corps Compound, watching all from atop her bunker, greeting the troops as they came and went, and demanding snacks and attention.

It was impossible to define Didi's origins, although the cut of her muzzle suggested European roots -- perhaps Belgian or Germanic.  But she clearly observed local customs, particularly the Noon to 2:30 p.m. siesta period enjoyed by the indigenous two-footed residents of DaNang -- generally extending it for the entire day.  Periodically, Didi would disappear from the compound for a week at a time, prompting speculation that she might have ended up in a local cooking pot.  But to the relief of the troops, the faithful Didi always returned to duty.

A very productive member of the "B" Detachment complement during 1966-1967, Didi was well recognized for her actions.

Body Count:  Didi In Action!

Didi's Legacy

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