1st MIBARS In Vietnam!


Body Count: Didi In Action!

Closing With and Capturing

Interlopers On the I Corps Compound

Didi with friend in the I Corps Compound, mid-1967

Photo Credit: MIV

Above:  Viet Cong or VC Sympathizer?  Ever alert to opportunity, Didi "captures" an intruder wearing black -- but no conical hat -- in 1967

Didi's Body Count!

Two pups from Didi's first litter in 1967

Photo Credit: MIV

Three pups from Didi's second litter in 1967

Photo Credit: MIV

Above:  Two-thirds of the count for Didi's first action!

Above:  The total count for Didi's second action!

Recognition For A Job Well Done

"The dog,  Didi  .  .  .  disappeared for awhile when she was pregnant but showed back up later.  I do remember a lot of speculation about her being AWOL and the local population's diet.  At one point, I don't remember the date, maybe after Tet, the Detachment split.  Part of the unit went to Phu Bai.  They convoyed up there, and when they did, they dog-napped Didi.  We, the Delivery Platoon, were tasked with her safe return.  I remember doing just that.  We liberated Didi, but the flight back was a real trip.  That dog just did not like flying.  Also, the orderly, don't recall his name, cut mock orders promoting her to corporal and awarding her an Air Medal."

Bob Crowell, "B" Detachment, Delivery Platoon, 1966-1968

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