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Photo: Copy of the 1st MIBARS' information booklet, with an extracted page showing a pre-flight briefing of an Air Force reconnaissance pilot and the Battalion's Aerial Reconnaissance Liaison Officer -- the ARLO.

Republic of Vietnam Aerial Reconnaissance Information Booklet, 1st MIBN (ARS), 1 September 1967

The Air Reconnaissance Liaison Office -- 1st MIBARS Information Pipeline To/From the US Air Force

"ARLO Sections are located with the operational elements of the 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing.  This section receives copies of fragmentary orders on all preplanned and immediate air reconnaissance mission requests from ARMY units that are approved by the Tactical Air Support Element (TASE-ARMY) and the Tactical Air Control Center (TACC-AIR FORCE) and transmitted by the TACC to the 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing (TRW) for implementation.  The Senior ARLO maintains liaison with Headquarters, 460th TRW, as well as other Air Force, Marine, Naval, and Free World Military Forces (FWMF) units as required.  The primary function of the ARLO Section is to brief and debrief Tactical Reconnaissance Air Crews.  The ARLO also assists in the training of Air Force personnel in aerial surveillance and reconnaissance and identification of military activities on the ground.  In addition, the ARLO Section performs the entire in-country Tactical Air Reconnaissance/artillery coordination effort for the 460th TRW."  From the Republic of Vietnam Aerial Reconnaissance Information Booklet, 1st MIBN (ARS), 1 September 1967.

Photo Credit: MIV

Above:  An awards ceremony held on the roof of the 1st MIBARS headquarters building in Saigon, 1967, showing a color guard and members of the HHC [headquarters and headquarters company] complement.  The individual in the light uniform, facing the first rank of troops, is a United States Air Force (USAF) Officer.  Therefore, it may be assumed that these awards were given for accomplishment in imagery interpretation operations or for liaison with the USAF in the production or use of aerial imagery.  This demonstrates the close working relationship between 1st MIBARS and the Air Force's 460th TRW.  The 1st MIBARS received a Presidential Unit Citation for its work, with this award being initiated by the USAF and forwarded up the chain of command through USAF channels.   

ARLO Assistant Explains Imagery Coverage Requirements To a Reconnaissance Jet Pilot . . .

Photo: An aerial reconnaissance liaison office senior non-commissioned officer briefs a US Air Force pilot before a photo mission.

Left  ". . . an ARLO Assistant [SFC E-6] briefs a pilot of the 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing on mission EEI [essential elements of information], friendly artillery in area, weather and other pertinent subjects prior to take-off."  From the Republic of Vietnam Aerial Reconnaissance Information Booklet, 1st MIBN (ARS), 1 September 1967.  It may be assumed that pilots were also advised at this time of particular items of interest to 1st MIBARS imagery interpreters along the flight path.

. . . While a Future General Debriefs the Recon Pilot On Flight Conditions And His Observations of the Target Area
Photo: Major George Walker is shown during a de-briefing session following a flight.

Left:  This photograph caption reads, "In the photo at right, Battalion Senior ARLO conducts debriefing of pilot after completion of the mission."  From the Republic of Vietnam Aerial Reconnaissance Information Booklet, 1st MIBN (ARS), 1 September 1967.

Above:  1st MIBARS veterans of 1967 will perhaps recall Major George J. Walker [1934-2005], the battalion's senior Air Reconnaissance Liaison Officer and,  later, battalion Executive Officer.  MAJ Walker was posted to the Detachment headquarters in Saigon but often could be seen while visiting detachments in the field to discuss imagery acquisition and interpretation operations and organizational issues.

Good Soldiers

"Two of my officers attained Flag Rank . . .  Major General Charles Scanlon and Brigadier General [George] Walker proved to be prime examples of the quality, spirit and dedication displayed by many MIBARS personnel."

LTC Anthony F. Matta, "B" Detachment and 1st MIBARS Commanding Officer, 1966-1968

Photo: Brigadier General George J. Walker

Photo Credit: arlingtoncemetery.net

General Walker (1934-2005) was a graduate of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia and received a Masters Degree in Political Science from Auburn University Montgomery, Alabama. General Walker’s more than 35 years of military service began when he entered the U.S. Army Reserves in 1954 and served in the Reserves as an enlisted soldier until his graduation from Mercer University at which time he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant and entered active duty in November 1956. General Walker served six years in the Quartermaster Corps of the Army and the remainder of his active service in Military Intelligence. In 1990 General Walker was inducted into the U.S. Army Military Intelligence Hall of Fame at Fort Huachuca, Arizona and served as the Honorary Colonel of The Army's Military Intelligence Corps from 1994 until 1998.  Biographical Information Extracted From: arlingtoncemetery.net

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