1st MIBARS In Vietnam!

Temp Hup!

Battalion Headquarters

"A-Ten-Shun" Always Came Out As "Temp Hup!"

Awards Ceremony

Photo Credit: MIV

Above:  Saigon, pronounced "SIGH-gon" by Westerners and "suh-GON" by Vietnamese, was the headquarters city for 1st MIBARS.  It was sometimes referred to as "The Pearl of the Orient," sarcastically, by the troops, who may have knowingly or unknowingly co-opted the title from the idyllic Penang Island, off the coast of Malaysia.  On this aerial approach, Tan Son Nhut Airport is visible at the upper right of the photo with the city under overcast skies and a broken layer of  scud clouds.  The waterways are muddy, so it is probably a monsoon season photograph.

Fall In, 1st MIBARS Troopers!

Photo Credit: MIV

Left:  1st MIBARS Commanding Officer, with immediate staff for the conduct of this awards ceremony, pictured on the tiled roof of the battalion headquarters building at 121 Chi Lang in mid-1967.  Other parts of the City of Saigon are visible in the background.  

Right: MIBARS Commanding Officer receives a decoration at this awards ceremony.  Members of the Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) complement are pictured in the background.

Photo Credit: MIV

Photo Credit: MIV

Left:  There was much hand-shaking at military awards ceremonies.  This battalion commander is the former commanding officer of "B" Detachment.

Right:  MIBARS Commanding Officer surveys subordinate personnel who are to receive decorations at this awards ceremony.

Photo Credit: MIV

Right:  In 1967, uniform parts had not been regularized among 1st MIBARS personnel.  The first individual on the left is wearing the black and gold U.S. Army tag above his shirt pocket and the full-color U.S. Army Vietnam (USARV) shoulder patch.  The next individual is wearing subdued uniform shirt insignia but a bright metal cap device (instead of a subdued patch)  and a white tee-shirt (instead of the olive drab undershirt being phased in).  He is also wearing the metal MIBARS pin instead of the pocket tag on his shirt pocket flap.  The individual to his left in the background is wearing a white tee-shirt and has a white name tag on his shirt.  The individual at right, circled, who is the "B" Detachment commanding officer, is appropriately dressed for the times with full subdued uniform and insignia.

Photo Credit: MIV

Photo Credit: MIV

Left:  The Palace Lion -- fearsome mythical guardian of the emperor's palace in the history of Indochina!  This glazed pottery statuette was presented in 1967 to the departing officers of the 1st MIBARS when signing out of battalion headquarters for return to CONUS.  It was furnished with a personalized engraved silver plate, suspended by a chain, reading ". . . From Officers of the 1st MIBARS, Vietnam, 1966-1967."

The Mission

121 Chi Lang, Saigon


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