1st MIBARS In Vietnam!

121 Chi Lang, Gia Dinh, Saigon

Republic of South Vietnam

Battalion Headquarters

1st MI Battalion (Air Reconnaissance Support)

In the Cholon (Chinese) District of the City

Photo Credit: Mitch Alvins, HQ and "B" Detachment, Reproduction Section, 1967-1968

Above:  Sign in the courtyard of the 1st MIBARS Headquarters in Saigon honoring SFC Carmen Muscara, of "D" Detachment, who died while on a hand-held camera mission with a U.S. Air Force Forward Air Controller on April 28, 1967.

The 1st MIBARS Battalion Headquarters -- In Saigon

Photo Credit: Mitch Alvins

Photo Credit: Mitch Alvins

Above, Left and Right:  Aerial views of the complex occupied by 1st MIBARS as its headquarters installation.  A walled compound, tightly nestled among other buildings and residences, opening off of a main thoroughfare -- Chi Lang -- in the Cholon (or Chinese) district of the city. 

The MIBARS Compound

Photo Credit: Mitch Alvins

Photo Credit: MIV

Above, Left:  Perhaps a former hotel, with a larger and smaller building, courtyard and perimeter wall, the complex was entered from the street via a guarded gate and sandbagged watch tower.  New arrivals to MIBARS were quartered here prior to dispersal to the detachments.  Sleeping rooms included a bath with a European-style water closet toilet, i.e., a flush box located high on the wall with a pull chain for flushing.  Upon arrival, one new replacement found a maid elbow deep in the toilet with a rag who abruptly switched, without pause, to wiping the wash basin and faucet fixtures with the same rag.  Clearly, one was not in Kansas anymore!  The roof of the building at left was used as an assembly area for the battalion headquarters staff and is the location of the formation photographs appearing on the Temp Hup! page.  Above, Right:  Entry gate into, and courtyard of, the MIBARS compound taken from inside the compound.  The year, make and utilization of the parked black sedan is unknown, but it appears to be a vintage, even for 1967, French-manufacture Citroen or Panhard.  Right:  Food service worker employed at a messing facility in Saigon.

Photo Credit: MIV

Two Views of Saigon

Photo Credit: MIV

Photo Credit: MIV

Above, Left and Right:   Two views of Saigon in 1967: A paved city street along a spacious tree-lined boulevard in the downtown area, and outside of the city center, a dirt street, congested and lacking sidewalks and trees -- but not clouds of dust.

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