1st MIBARS In Vietnam!

Troopers II

The Important Thing Is . . .

"...we all played around, we had a good time pulling jokes on each other and in doing so we were Friends and Brothers in Arms.  But, when it came down to do what we were there for, we all had pride in what we were doing.  It didn't matter if some of us volunteered and if some were drafted but we were there to serve our Country when needed."

Philip Catania, "D" Detachment, Reproduction Section, 1964-1965

Photo: "B" Detachment supply sergeant kneels in front of equipment arrayed for a Full Field Inspection on the tennis courts of the I Corps Compound

Photo Credit: MIV

Above, Right:  What?  A full field inspection in a combat zone?  You betcha!  And look at that gear -- clean, accounted for, and in order!  Despite the generalized jokes and grousing about personnel and equipment inspections, the officers and senior NCOs of "B" Detachment, 1st MIBARS, ensured that the troopers of this military intelligence organization were prepared to fulfill their basic military role -- to defend themselves and fight as infantry -- if need be.  And here "B" Detachment's supply sergeant clearly looks like he means business!  This photograph was taken during the course of the Battalion Commander's visit to DaNang in early 1967, with gear laid out on the tennis court of the headquarters installation of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam's (ARVN) I Corps Tactical Zone, otherwise known as the I Corps Compound. 

Staying Sharp

"[I remember] full field inspections held on the tennis court facing the Delta pad, and equipment and personnel covered in fine dust when Hueys [helicopters] landed on the D pad.  Darn, forgot to add spit shined jungle boots and starched fatigues, we looked sharp until the sun and Hueys arrived. You had to be there to enjoy the moment."

John Shimashita, "B" Detachment, Reproduction Section, 1967-1968

"B" Detachment Troopers -- Armed and Dangerous!

Below, Center:  Troopers stand at ease during a formation in 1967.  The TIIF complex is visible in the background to the left, with two 2-1/2-ton trucks, one covered and one uncovered, to the right.  For this formation, personnel are carrying their M-14 rifles.

Trooper photograph.

Photograph, "B" Detachment in formation for arms inspection.

Trooper photograph.

Photo Credits:  MIV

Trooper photograph.

Trooper photograph.

Two troopers photograph.

Trooper photograph.

Trooper photograph.

Photo Credits:  MIV

Above, Right:  Glenn Edward Kettwich, (1946-1987, Lewis, Kansas), Imagery Interpretation Section, 1967


Above:  Frank Thomas Billiteri, (1946-2010, Sarasota, Florida), Imagery Interpretation Section, 1967.

Dress Right!  Dress!

Photo: "B" Detachment in formation and executing "dress right, dress" on the I Corps Compound

Photo Credit: MIV

Left:  Under the watchful eyes of the Top Soldier, "B" Detachment troopers tidy up their formation after the order to "Fall In" on the parking stand of their operations area on the I Corps Compound in 1967.

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