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But in 1967 -- No Women Troopers


Photograph of 2-1/2-ton truck with "B" Detachment troopers.

Photo Credit: MIV

Here Comes "B" Detachment!  Although not a covert military intelligence unit, 1st MIBARS tried to be discreet about its presence.  Hence, the bumper designation on its vehicles was not the expected "1MI BN" but "USARLE"  -- for the apparently non-existent  US Army Research and Liaison Element.  The vehicle -- a 2-1/2-ton truck commonly referred to as a "deuce and a half."

The exact personnel strength of "B" Detachment is not recalled, but these views suggest enlisted troops numbering perhaps thirty -- including administrative, maintenance, imagery interpretation and photographic reproduction section staff.  Officer strength was generally about six -- the commanding officer, an interpretation section chief who functioned as executive officer, a reproduction section chief, a pilot attached from the Delivery Platoon, and two warrant officers who were imagery interpretation specialists.

Photograph of "B" Detachment troopers gathered around sign at parking stand.

Photo Credit: MIV

Men of "B" Detachment at the reception area and vehicle hard stand in the I Corps Compound.

We Were Young Once -- And Soldiers Too! (This page is not inclusive of all personnel assigned to "B" Detachment in 1967.  Perhaps other personnel not pictured here can be found elsewhere on this site.)

Trooper photograph.

Trooper photograph.

Trooper photograph.

Trooper photograph.

Trooper photograph.

Photo Credits: MIV

Trooper photograph.

Photograph, "B" Detachment in march formation.

Trooper photograph.

Photo Credits: MIV

"B" Detachment in march formation, minus guidon bearer, but with the First Sergeant in command as the outlier at left

Airborne Ranger

All I want to be is an airborne ranger,

I don't give a damn about the cold and the danger.           

Airborne ranger. (Response: All the way.)

Airborne ranger. (Response: Every day.)

Up the hill!  (Echo: Up the hill!)

Over the hill!  (Echo: Over the hill!)

Down the hill!  (Echo: Down the hill!)

All I want to be is an airborne ranger.

Two of the Many Formation March

Cadence Calls of the Vietnam War Era.

"Airborne Ranger," At Left, 

Was Done Always at Double Time.

Eskimo [Kisses]

Hup, hup, hup two-three-four.  Hup, hup, hup two-three-four.

Well, I don't know, but I've been told.  (Echo: I don't know, but I've been told). 

Eskimo [kisses are] mighty cold.  (Echo: Eskimo [kisses are] mighty cold).  

Cadence count, one, two, three, four -- one, two THREE FOUR!

Hup, hup, hup two-three-four.

Photo Credits: MIV

Commanding Officers

Mission Leads/ Delivery Platoon

Non-Commissioned Officers

Enlisted Command Support 

Troopers II

Constructed Roster

"B" Detachment 101

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