1st MIBARS In Vietnam!

Non-Commissioned Officers

Keeping "B" Detachment Running

 -- All Day, Every Day!

Photo Credit: MIV

Photo: Reproduction Section senior NCO on the I Corps Compound with his personal twin-lens reflex camera, a favorite for serious photographers before introduction of the single-lens reflex camera

Photo Credit: MIV

Your Ass May Belong to the Army -- But Your Gear Belongs to Me!  Accountability for equipment issued to individual soldiers rested with the Detachment's Supply Sergeant.   Pictured is a "Full Field" Inspection conducted on the I Corps Compound in 1967 during which troopers were required to display all items of individual equipment in a prescribed order.    "B" Detachment's Supply Sergeant, shown Above, at Right, wanted to see the equipment that he had issued to the men -- and he wanted to see it clean, in good order and often!  Left: With personal camera, the Reproduction Section's Senior NCO who left Vietnam in late 1966 and returned in late 1967.

Top Soldiers All -- Regardless of Rank

Photo Credit: MIV

Photo Credit: MIV

The First Sergeant, also called less formally the "Top Soldier" or the "First Shirt," was "B" Detachment's key enlisted man.   Always out in front of the troops, he served variously as Father Confessor, disciplinarian, teacher and protector for the men under his charge.  He and his fellow senior non-commissioned officers (NCOs) were also the focus of management for many of the unit's administrative functions and its physical facilities.  Above, Left: Detachment First Sergeant, 1966-1967.  Above, Right: Successor First Sergeant, 1967.

Photo Credit: MIV

"The Backbone of the Army"

". . . I was taught that the soldiers were my responsibility; that their lives were literally in my hands.  That is a heavy burden . . . and it simply could not be borne without the help and guidance of older, more experienced sergeants who are the mainstay of every outfit from platoon to division.  They truly are the backbone of our Army . . . "

Moore, Harold G., We Are Soldiers Still: A Journey Back to the Battlefields of Vietnam, HarperPerennial, 2008.

Left: Some of "B" Detachment's key NCOs at the parking stand in 1967.  While some were specialists in the area of administration, other NCOs were trained as mission supervisors, technical advisors and program leads in the Interpretation and Reproduction Sections.

A Consistent Presence In The Ranks

Photo Credit: MIV

Photo Credit: MIV

Above, Right and Left:  A formation in the "B" Detachment Operations Area of the I Corps Compound in mid-1967, showing some of "B" Detachment's non-commissioned officers and senior technical specialists.

Commanding Officers

Mission Leads/Delivery Platoon

Enlisted Command Support

 Troopers I

Troopers II

Constructed Roster

"B" Detachment 101

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