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Photo Credit: Ron Berryman, "B" Detachment and HQ, Imagery Interpretation Section, 1969-1970

Above:  "B" Detachment troopers, behind the fence at the enlisted billets in downtown DaNang, watch a common sight in wartime Vietnam -- smiling and laughing children playing along the street.

Reproduction Section Chief

Photo Reproduction Section Chief, 1966-1967

Photo Credit: MIV

The Reproduction Section was composed of US Army Signal Corps personnel assigned to the 1st MIBARS.  The Repro Section Chief, 1966-1967, flew "B" Detachment's initial Hand-held Camera Program mission in late 1966 and designed -- and coordinated with the US Navy's Seabees for construction of -- the Detachment's fixed imagery processing facility and photographic laboratory in 1967.  

Imagery Interpretation Section Technical Specialists

Photo Imagery Interpretation Team Lead, 1966-1967

Photo Imagery Interpretation Team Lead, 1966-1967

For much of 1966-1967, two Imagery Interpretation Team Leaders were assigned to "B" Detachment.  The Chief Warrant Officers were technical specialists in aerial imagery interpretation and provided guidance and day-to-day direction for enlisted analysts.  Far Left:  CWO4 shown here being decorated by the 1st MIBARS Battalion Commander LTC Anthony F. Matta [1929-2014], was the first to volunteer for the Hand-Held Camera initiative.  Although his maiden flight was aborted due to bad weather, he subsequently flew regularly with the Forward Air Controllers (FACs) and helped to develop the analytical capabilities of younger imagery interpreters by arranging for them to fly visual reconnaissance missions.  Left Middle:  "B" Detachment's second Imagery Interpretation Team Leader, 1966-1967.  Near Left: A third technical specialist assigned late in 1967.

Photo Credits: Above Left, Center and Right: MIV

Delivery Platoon Aviator and Pilot

Photo Successor Detachment Pilot, 1967

The Delivery Platoon, attached to the 1st MIBARS battalion headquarters in Saigon, provided an organic air transport capability for each detachment commander.  A detachment's air capability generally consisted of a U6A deHavilland Beaver aircraft, a pilot, and a maintenance mechanic known as a Crew Chief.   A U6A pilot could be either a commissioned officer (referred to as an Army Aviator) or a warrant officer (referred to as an Army Pilot).

Photo Credits Above Left and Right: MIV

Pictured at Left is an Army Aviator, a captain, assigned to "B" Detachment in 1966-1967; at Right  An Army pilot, a warrant officer, who arrived in early 1967.  Both flew the Detachment's U6A Beaver -- "Good Guy 182."

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