1st MIBARS In Vietnam!

A Memoir

"The Mission -- Then Some More!"

 "B" Detachment, 1st Military Intelligence Battalion (Air Reconnaissance Support)

United States Army

I Corps Compound, DaNang, Republic of South Vietnam

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Above:  No doubt contemplating their place in the history of the Vietnam War, the men of "B" Detachment, 1st MIBARS, "snap to" -- or come to attention -- on the vehicle hardstand of their operations area on the I Corps Compound, Headquarters of the Commanding General, 1st Corps Tactical Zone, Army of the Republic of Vietnam, in the City of DaNang, Republic of South Vietnam, sometime during the summer of 1967.


During the Vietnam War -- at least from 1 December 1965 to 30 April 1972, the period of its assignment to the war zone -- the 1st Military Intelligence Battalion (Air Reconnaissance Support), also known as the 1st MIBARS, served as a special unit of the 525th Military Intelligence Group, U.S. Army, Republic of Vietnam (USARV).  The battalion played a unique role in the Vietnam War by performing its primary mission of working closely with the U.S. Air Force (USAF) to produce tactical military intelligence for ground forces of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) and its American advisors of the Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV).   The Battalion's assignment was to systematically examine, analyze and interpret film photography and other types of aerial imagery acquired by reconnaissance aircraft and to provide military commanders with actionable informational summaries for use in offensive and defensive operations, operational planning or situational assessments.  For further background information on 1st MIBARS, as well as some sites on the World Wide Web that have in the past provided overviews of the history of this unit, click here for 1st MIBARS On the Record.

This site, 1st MIBARS In Vietnam!, is a basic load of nostalgia that recalls the 1st MIBARS and one of its field organizations -- "B" Detachment -- for a one-year period beginning in late 1966.  Content has been drawn from a shoe box of mementos long forgotten in a basement corner, supplemented by photos and narrative contributed by other MIBARS veterans -- connected solely by the World Wide Web -- whose tours of duty coincided, preceded, overlapped or followed.  Perhaps these sometimes muddy images and rambling recollections will evoke memories of that extraordinary time for those who served with 1st MIBARS, as well as portray the battalion's operations for students, scholars, historians and/or others interested in the conflict in Vietnam.

Calm Before the Storm: The Vietnam War In 1967

“Vietnam in early 1967 was still vastly different from what it was to become at year’s end. There was still a sense of patriotism that had not yet been eroded by the bitterness of the Tet Offensive and casualties that would soon turn most Americans against the war. Until now, most of the conflict had been marked by skirmishes and, if not wild optimism, at least a sense of inevitable triumph.”

Michael Sallah and Mitch Weiss, Tiger Force: A True Story of Men and War, 2006, Little, Brown and Company, New York, NY.

Veterans of "B" Detachment, which was posted to the city of DaNang; or the HQ/HQ Company in Saigon; or Detachments "A" at Bien Hoa, "C" at Can Tho, "D" at Nha Trang, "E," activated at Phu Bai in 1968, or colleagues from other units or branches of the military who worked with the 1st MIBARS and would like to see this site expanded to more fully document unit activities, relevant personal experiences and/or the intelligence-gathering effort in Vietnam, are invited to make their wishes known.

1st MIBARS In Vietnam! is primarily a shared memoir for MIBARS and other veterans of the Vietnam War, but it's also intended for anyone having an interest in this controversial chapter in America's history.  So, if you'd like to visit with "B" Detachment when it was on duty in the Republic of South Vietnam, just listen to the First Sergeant's pep talk at YO! Listen Up! read the Site Administrator's Website Disclaimer, and follow the links of your choice. 

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Photo: 1stMIBARS imagery interpretation officer briefs MACV Advisor to the ARVN 1st Corps Tactical Zone using aerial photography

Photo Credit: MIV

The 1st MIBARS Mission

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Photo: men of "B" Detachment gather at the parking stand in 1967

Photo Credit: MIV

The Men of "B" Detachment

Photo: aerial view entering the A Shau Valley of South Vietnam

Photo Credit: MIV

The Hand-held Camera Program

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Photo: main gate of the headquarters, 1st Corps Tactical Zone, Army of the Republic of South Vietnam -- the I Corps Compound

Photo Credit: MIV

The I Corps Compound

Photo: aerial view of the City of DaNang from a color post card, circa 1967

Photo Credit: MIV

The City

Photo: battalion commander conducts inspection of "B" Detachment

Photo Credit: MIV

The 1st MIBARS Legacy

Photo: impromptu game of touch foot ball at China Beach with Monkey Mountain in the background

Photo Credit: MIV

The Life

Photo: sleeping cart driver on the street in 1967 DaNang

Photo Credit: MIV

The Country

Photo: Didi, "B" Detachment's war dog

Photo Credit: MIV

The Femme

Photo: young woman at grave site in Saigon

Photo Credit: MIV

The Epilogue

Photo: Delivery Platoon crew chief with Good Guy 182, "B" Detachment's U6A aircraft

Photo Credit: Bob Crowell, "B" Detachment, Delivery Platoon, 1966-1968

The Witness

Photo: sign at the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial in Washington, DC

Photo Credit: MIV


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1st MIBARS: 

The Flying Eye Battalion

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